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Billings teachers get accredited


Participants at the Extension Course in Arizona.
Participants at the Extension Course in Arizona.

Two locals were recently accredited with WOOMB International Ltd, the headquarters of Billings Ovulation Method (BOM), and 12 other local candidates are currently pursuing accreditation.

The two newly certified teachers are Pauline Phelps, Co-ordinator of Billings Ovulation Method Association of Trinidad &Tobago (BOMA-TT) and Joan Ryan, Senior Billings Teacher. They attended a BOM Extension Course in Arizona, US. Participants included BOM teachers, doctors and nurses, and the facilitators were from Canada.

A media release from BOMA-TT stated: “It was heartening to know that we share the common ideal of teaching women to value their bodies as God’s beautiful creation and to regulate their families according to the natural order with no drugs or devices, reliably, and in a morally sound manner.”

BOMA-TT, which falls under the umbrella of the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission, is currently running two programmes in various parishes /vicariates.  “Is Love Forever?” targets young adults, i.e. 16 years and over. The second programme is for adults and addresses “Love, Sex and Fertility: God’s Plan for Families.” The latter programme was held on June 8 at the Pro-Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, San Fernando, and was well received by participants.

“Is Love Forever?” is planned for the Suburban vicariate today (June 23) at St Joseph parish, St Joseph.

For more information, contact BOMA-TT at 708-3481 or billingstt@gmail.com

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