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CSP in Cunupia – building good family relationships

A Common Sense Parenting workshop was held at the Cunupia Secondary School. It ran from Wednesday April 3 to Wednesday May 8, 2013. T. Ellis, a teacher was a participant and wanted to share her views on the programme.

The Common Sense Parenting course provided me with several proven techniques that have been and I believe, will continue to assist me, in building good family relationships that is, between my children and I. I am now using variety of consequences to improve their behaviour as well as my responses, while preventing and correcting misbehaviour. It also taught me how to practice and encourage my sons to practice self-control, and different methods to remain calm. The qualified and knowledgeable trainers trained us parents in how to approach discipline as positive teaching rather than punishment such as scolding and beating of children. As each new parenting technique was introduced during the session, the presenters explained each step, providing many clear examples, videos, practice sessions and even proceeded to provide us with and encourage us to prepare action plans for implementing the techniques in our homes. I am even able to apply the techniques to other things, such as school work. Overall, there are remarkable improvements in my sons’ attitudes and behaviour, as well as they are more willing to assist in our home. I would definitely recommend this programme/course for anyone and everyone with children. Thank you Commonsense Parenting.

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