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“……Every effort should be made to strengthen and develop pastoral care for the family . . . in the certainty that future evangelization depends largely on the domestic church. “

– (Pope John Paul II)

What is a Family Life Unit?

The  Family Life Unit (FLU) is:

  • An outreach of the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission (AFLC)
  • Operating within the parish
  • Responsible for its own administration, programmes delivery and limited programme development.

Purpose of the FLU?

  • To promote of marriage and family life  programmes that help families function effectively throughout the parish, community and vicariate
  • To organize programmes for families in need through research
  • To track parishioners’ assessments of events and commit to constant improvement

The Key Roles of the FLU  

  • Schedule dates and times of meetings
  • Submit calendar of events early so it can be included in the Parish events calendar
  • Minutes must be taken at every meeting
  • Implement an effective communication plan – whatsapp group, email, facebook
  • “Bring something to share” initiative




When a Parish or Cluster is to launch a Family Life Unit, they must announce a date for the launch and bring awareness to the new Family Life Unit through advertising, parish announcements, parish council meetings etc.



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Taken from Catholic News, Sunday March 4th 2018. Page 20