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‘New Beginnings’ made a new me

Before my New Beginnings Weekend, I would pray and find relief for a short while, but this aching feeling would come back again. I would get angry and wonder why such minor things could trigger this outburst from inside of me. My children told me I needed help, and I thought they were the ones who needed to change. Deep, very deep down inside of me there was a hurting taking place, but I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I was told about the New Beginnings Weekend initially by a deacon, but I told him that I was not about to go back down that road again having been divorced for close to 10 years already and open up all those issues/wounds again. Then almost two years later I saw the ad for the New Beginnings Weekend being advertised in the OLPH parish newsletter for the New Beginnings Weekend of October 19. The date of the weekend struck me because if I were still married, it would have been my wedding anniversary that very weekend. I took this as a sign from God because I try to listen to God speaking to me in different ways in my life, I felt convinced that the Lord wanted me to do this. I didn’t know why, because I thought my broken marriage was all behind me, but I still decided to attend if only so that I could tell the Church a thing or two about how I thought that divorced people felt in the Church.

The New Beginnings Weekend led me on a journey of healing that started the moment I took the drive up the mountain to the Seminary where the weekend was being held. At the end of the weekend I felt so light and so free, I felt happiness that I hadn’t felt for such a long time. I felt like Jesus had finally lifted a heavy load off my soul. Now I have the tools and the support to continue the journey of healing I began on my New Beginnings Weekend and a trusting of God that I haven’t truly felt for a long time. I never realised that God had planned to take me to a new level of healing and making me whole again so that I could truly have a New Beginning. Words cannot describe what this New Beginnings Weekend did for me. I felt light and free from all the weight of my past hurts. I felt a happiness inside that I haven’t felt for a very long time. My children were right, I needed help for my angry outburst and I got it at My New Beginnings Weekend. – Divorced person

The next New Beginnings Weekend is from 6.00 p.m., Friday, July 5 to 4.00 p.m. Sunday, July 7, at the Seminary, Mount St Benedict. Contact: Zena 391-4352 or Jennifer 680-7194.

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