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Look at that it’s the first day of “school”. Online school that is but are you ready?

Are we as parents ready? Are our children ready? The answer most likely is no.


But don’t worry, look at this as an opportunity to establish a routine/schedule to get your children on board. You will see our attempt at a schedule/routine and of course it’s not perfect (barely even written out) and neither does yours need to be. Just create a schedule that is workable and realistic for your family.


It’s as simple as including:
1. school time
2. play time
3. Jesus time


Creating a schedule for your children let’s them know that:

1. They are important and how they fit into the family by doing chores.
2. Reinforce a family value- ‘waste not, want not’ by eating leftovers
3. See the importance of education – mandatory study time, physical activity and connection with others


Parents we must let you know that the routine may just end up a complete disaster somedays for eg:
1. children wake up late (what alarm)
2. they are not listening (repetition is real)
3. questionable attitudes (roll eyes)
4. “back chat” (the true test of your parenting)
5. you are exhausted beyond recognition (the struggle is real)


But guess what that’s okay, the routine will survive and so will you. Look at it as an opportunity to try again. And keep trying.


Happy Routining and don’t forget share your routine with us…. you don’t know how many families you could help out there!