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Retreat for Persons who are Separated, Divorced and Widowed.

Here we share snippet of our retreat held with Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon for persons who are spearated, divorced and widowed.  The theme for the retreat was “Come rediscover your identity as children of God”. Over 80 persons attended, both men and women. More to come on this retreat!


“As I said last night was awesome! The reflection shared, the level of participation by those who shared, the boldness and need to share their stories and all of their AHA! moments as to how the scripture ministered to them. The people are yearning for healing and wholeness, a sense of belonging again and inclusion. Archbishop is amazing in his ministry as shepherd and teacher with his simplicity and depth of explanation!”

Building Community, Inclusivity and Dialogue: A Pastoral Letter

Building community, inclusivity and dialogue is a work that God needs to do in our hearts. If this could have been accomplished by our human wills alone, the world would be a really great place at present. But as we look around, we can see how our human capacity has failed at building communities of peace. Strife, division, pain, and fractured relationships are typical in our families, communities, churches, the nation and in the world. This work needs God. As the psalmist says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain” (Ps 127:1). We do not want to labour in vain.