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Testimony of a Thankful Widow

After my husband’s death, I was struggling with this new situation that came upon me suddenly, when one Sunday while reading the Catholic News I saw this advertisement inviting persons to attend a New Beginnings Experience. The words in bold capitals stood out as though lifted off the page: “ARE YOU SEPARATED, DIVORCED or WIDOWED?” This is for me I thought.

“Good.” I thought to myself, I’ll discuss it with my children (they are all adults), they encouraged me to attend and so I did.

It was one of the most rewarding experiences for me in this new changed position in life; no longer was I wife and mother, but suddenly and without warning, I had joined WIDOWHOOD and SINGLE PARENTHOOD.

The Friday evening when I entered the Retreat House, I was fearful of the future, totally shattered, guilty about any and everything. I felt helpless, confused, lonely, I was angry at my spouse for dying, I was angry with God for not answering my prayers (or so I thought), and most of all I was angry at the Church, who, I judged offered no help to me in my time of need. I was unable to pray.

When I left for home the Sunday afternoon, I had rediscovered myself. I came to the realisation that I had to forgive myself for what I thought were my failures, I had to acknowledge that my spouse was not a saint, but an imperfect human being whom I loved, fat, grey hair and all.

The weeks that followed left me feeling more and more carefree. I began making God an important part of my life, talking and listening to Him. I began to savour the positive aspects of being single again, like appreciating solitude and silence in contrast to loneliness.

What this New Beginnings Experience did for me was so powerful and transforming, that I’m positive that it would work wonders for anyone who attends, whether you are separated, divorced or widowed. Holy MotherChurch is offering this to you. Grasp the opportunity and be transformed. – L Smith, St Benedict’s Parish, La Romaine

The next New Beginnings Weekend is carded for March 8-10, at the Seminary Mount St Benedict. Cost is $400.

Contact: Lucille: 653-7487/Kay: 658-6648/Zena:222-0649/Ken:652-9841/Jennifer:622-1139/Deborah:632-8994


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