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New Beginnings – a poem

by a past participant

When I saw the ad in the Catholic News

I thought “this is for me”

Retreat for the Separated, Widowed and Divorced

For I was now one of these


I called a few days later

But to my utter dismay

No room, the kind voice stated

We’ll enrol you for a later day


‘I’ll put you on the waiting list

In case anyone should cancel’

I had no great expectations

Yet I left the ad on my table


A few days before the retreat began

I spied the ad again

‘Maybe I should call another time

Nothing to lose but something to gain’


Sorry, said the voice, no room for you

But there is one later this year

I’ll take all your credentials

And place your info there


I tore the ad to bits

Cause I felt that this was fate

Maybe I am not supposed to attend this time

But at a later date


‘Ring, Ring’ my phone went off again

And I answered with my usual haste

‘I have a cancellation’ the voice said

‘And you can have that space’

I went to the retreat with an open mind

Hoping to be given all the tools

To help me on my journey

As ‘separation’ for me was new


Many broken hearts and minds and souls

Searching for calm and peace

Patient Team Leads guiding us

To write away the tears at least


The most significant episode for me

Was at the very end

The ceremony of bringing closure

Likened to the death of a friend


It sealed the deal for me

My expectations it surpassed

For in order to move on positively

I needed to let go the past


All in all I felt supported

And not so lost in a world

Of broken hearts and broken dreams

Of stories left untold


I now start my journey upon a path

With tools to help me through

It is a New Beginning

Where life does continue


Time to put the past to rest

Is what I learned from this Retreat

Give Christ a chance to heal our pain

A New Beginning just for me.

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