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Students learn about chastity

“Is Love Forever?” is a programme promoting chastity run by BOMA-TT. We visited some schools recently that were very grateful for the programme, to which more youth-friendly material has been added. It was quite evident from the Evaluation Forms that the young people understood what it meant to live a life of chastity. Asked to indicate “what was most meaningful or instructional for you”, these were some of the responses from students:

 “…when we talked about waiting for the right person, not (to) rush stuff and to wait until marriage for sex and how you can change and start fresh.”

 “The fact that as girls or young women we need to respect ourselves and practise chastity until the one that God made for us comes along.”

 “The part where we can be pure, the video was interesting and it made me realise a lot of things and also I will change (my) mind towards a lot of things.”

“Marriage before sex, respect your body and save it for the one you love.”

“…knowing that we call for sexual activity by the way we dress and boys don’t really want that. Also abstinence.”

“…how dangerous sex before marriage is and young people should really think about what they are doing.”

“…that chastity is important beside the fact that society view(s) sex as VERY important.”

We included some group work on what it means to be CHASTE:

C – commitment

H – holy

A – acceptance

S – self-righteousness

T – time shared together

E – equality

To have the “Is Love Forever?” programme in your school or parish, call BOMA-TT at 384-1659, email billingstt@gmail.com or visit www.ilforever.webs.com

submitted by the Billings Ovulation Method Association of T&T (BOMA-TT)


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